Wooden Fences Offer Lasting Beauty and Privacy

Getting a fencing installation carried out can greatly enhance your home’s style and resale value. A wooden fence, to be used for decoration or domestic boundaries, will usually result in increased yard usage. A simple gathering of friends and family around the back-yard grill has fresh entertainment possibilities. Not to mention, that peace of mind when neighbors aren’t able to gawk at your retro summer-wear.

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A wooden fence adds significantly to your property value. According to agent, Nathan Wolf, “Fences sell properties…Many homebuyers have pets and children. And homes with good fences will sell before those without (Nov. 10, 2009)”. A chain link fence adds some value to your home, but it is minimal. Yet a wooden fence can net a profit of as much as 50% over the original installation costs, according to RealtyTimes (May 5, 2015). You will be certain to have a return on your investment with a wooden fence installation.

Tips on installing a wood fence.

In regards to safety, the potential for criminal activity is reduced when persons cannot see directly into your yard. Additionally, stopping a wandering toddler or a bouncing ball from straying into traffic has its inherent benefits. While privacy is a popular reason for installing a wooden fence, the greater factor may be the charm it brings to your property.

Fence Styles

Wooden fence styles vary. You can create a picket fence country charm, similar to early Americana. But at the turn of the century, the picket fence had resurgence in popularity and became symbolic of “middle-class suburbia”. Or you may opt for a stately style that adds sophistication to your yard. An excellent product is the wolmanized natural select wood fence line. These can be painted or stained to suit you décor.

As you consider a fence installation, be sure to consult with reputable fence construction experts. Advice on wood selection, aesthetics and any potential difficulties with the installation process will be crucial to a value-added fence installation.

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